Paspalum: The Worst of Them All



Weed Control

Paspalum is one of Australia’s most hated weeds. They’re difficult to kill and will adapt how they grow in order to survive. To get rid of any invading Paspalum weeds, you’ll have to get a bit crafty.

Although Paspalum’s seed heads are easily identifiable, this weed has a habit of blending in with your lawn and going unnoticed. Normally, weeds can be controlled with mowing but not this one. If Paspalum is mowed short again and again, it will start to creep along the ground instead. So, rather than a tall weed that stands out from everything else, you have one that is hidden away. Starting to see why it is so hated?

Not just that, but Paspalum produces 3-7 seed heads per stem. Stems which can grow up to a metre tall. With the number of seeds being blown around in the wind, there isn’t any mystery of how the weed got into your yard in the first place.

It’s best for your lawn for you to treat this weed as soon as possible. Until it’s eradicated, this weed will consume precious nutrients from the soil and compete with your lawn for water. Controlling this weed is (of course) a bit difficult.

In Couch lawns, you can use a selective weedkiller. However, in other lawns, you should use a sharp knife and cut it out. Cut it slightly beneath soil level so it is less likely to grow back. Make sure you don’t leave any part of the weed behind on your lawn, especially the seeds.

If you already have a big Paspalum problem, you might wish to use glyphosate and a weed painter. This will kill any plant it touches which is why you are best to use it before the Paspalum starts crawling amongst your grass.

Don’t let Paspalum go unnoticed in your home. Tackle the weed head-on before it has the chance to spread.

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