Overpowering Creeping Oxalis Weed

AUGUST, 2018
DIY Weed Control

The Creeping Oxalis weed comes in a variety of types. And, whether it is a Soursob or a Wood Sorrel variety, they all look quite similar to the Clover weed. They have a trifoliate leaf system (three leaves to each stem) which are heart-shaped and are topped with yellow or white flowers. If you’ve noticed this weed popping up in your lawn, it’s best to treat it quickly. 

creeping oxalis

Identifying Creeping Oxalis Weed

The oxalis weed is a trifoliate leaf system. It has heart-shaped leaves, topped with yellow and white flowers. Oxalis spreads easily with a rapidly growing root system – making it quite the nuisance. 

Oxalis Weed or Clover?

Creeping Oxalis has over 800 varieties and is often mistaken as a Clover. It’s important to be able to tell these apart as the Clover is not only less invasive but can be a sign that your soil is low on nitrogen. The main way to tell these two weeds apart is that the Creeping Oxalis has light green heart-shaped leaves and the Clover has oval shaped leaves. You’ll also be able to distinguish between these two weeds using their flowers but by then, the Oxalis weed may have spread throughout your lawn.

Even though Creeping Oxalis has different varieties, such as Soursob and Wood Sorrel, the overarching suggestion is to use herbicide to control them. Make sure you have an eye out for the yellow or white flowers popping up through your lawn so that you can catch it before it spreads too much. 

Treating Creeping Oxalis 

As we’ve mentioned, the problem with Creeping Oxalis is how quickly and widely it spreads. If it is left untreated, it can easily become a nuisance as it takes over your entire lawn. Creeping Oxalis mostly spreads through its intricate root systems which set down corms for new plants to grow. However, this weed can also spread when it releases seeds that get caught in the soil or in moving water. 

Treating Creeping Oxalis can be tough but having a healthy lawn will certainly help to slow the infestation. There isn’t much point in removing the weed by hand as its roots tend to grow in and around your lawn’s roots, making it near impossible to remove them all 

Creeping Oxalis Herbicide 

To treat Creeping Oxalis, you will need a non-selective herbicide such as Lawn Lovers Buffalo Weed Control. This weed killer will be effective but can damage your lawn as well. Apply it by painting it carefully onto the leaves of the weed and be sure to follow the instructions on the packet. Try to avoid applying the herbicide onto a stressed lawn, watering for 3 days after the treatment or mowing for a week before and after. 

Wait two weeks and check for any surviving Creeping Oxalis weeds. You may need to treat them 2-3 times before the weed is completely eradicated. Leave 2 weeks between applications. If you have been through 3 applications and you still need to apply more, give your lawn a rest for 4-6 weeks before going again. 

fast spreading oxalis

While this may be quite the task, identifying the Creeping Oxalis weed early can minimise this and ensure you overpower this pesky weed before it takes over your lawn.

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