Not Quite a Turf Calculator but Close



Lawn Installation

A turf calculator would certainly come in handy when it comes to working out how much to order for your area. Although this isn’t quite a calculator (it requires a little more work from you), this is a guide to make the ordering process easier for you.

Ordering the right amount of turf is important. Ordering too much will waste money, which will especially sting if you’ve just built a new deck or garden at the same time. But ordering too little will mean you need to order more and do the turf laying process twice. This can get quite complicated as your yard will have watering and mowing needs at different times and such hassle can easily be avoided.
To ensure you have enough turf for your entire area, we recommend adding 5% to your measurements as this will allow for cuttings or any irregular shapes that hadn’t been accounted for.

When measuring the area you wish to turf, you can break it up into the main shapes to make it easier. Triangles, rectangles, squares, circles and semi-circles can all be measured in square metres and any other shape can be broken down further into these shapes. Then, we simply add them all back together in the end.

Although turf is typically the last thing to go in, you will want to sure that any plans for last minute additions have been accounted for. Decking or ponds that get installed will only mean wasting the lawn you will have spent time and money installing.

For more information, visit our very own Turf Calculator.

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