Is Mowing an Effective Weed Control Method?


MARCH, 2019

Lawn Care

Mowing to the right height helps keep your lawn healthy with a thick growth habit.

But can mowing also keep the weeds at bay without weed killer? It sounds too easy and straight forward to be true, doesn’t it?

Mowing helps your lawn stay healthy

The best way to prevent weeds sprouting and taking over your lawn is to keep your grass healthy and dense.

A thick growing habit will stop sprouting weeds from receiving sunlight and discourage further growth. Mowing your lawn to the right height will encourage it to grow thicker and to thrive.

The height that your lawn should be mown to depends on the type. Typically, DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Grass likes to be kept between 20-25mm, whereas Nullabor Couch is happiest at 15mm.

However, if you mow too low, your lawn will suffer and while it recovers, weeds will grow much faster.

Mowing weeds

When mowing weeds as a form of weed control, you need to make sure you have a clippings bag attached to your mower.

This method works best for weeds that are still young and only spread through seeds.

If you cut them down before they have a chance to spread their seed, the weed will eventually stop growing.

The problem with weeds is that their seeds can be stored in the ground for years and slowly reappear.

Mowing to get rid of weeds will be a long process but as long as you remain consistent, it will eventually pay off.

Mowing as Weed Control
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When mowing won’t work

Unfortunately, mowing is a simple solution that will solve all of your weed problems.

Weeds that spread through runners or stolons will continue to spread no matter how much you mow. For these you should still use the appropriate herbicide for the weed variety.

The other problem is weeds such as Bindiis. These grow so low to the ground that your mower will never be able to remove them. Use a Bindii weed killer and the problem will soon be gone.

If the weeds in your lawn have already matured, you can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to catch all the seeds in your clippings bag.

As long as you keep to a regular mowing routine, you’ll be able to discourage weed growth and keep seeding weeds in check. Remember to collect your clippings if there are weeds in your lawn.

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