Looking Out for Winter Weeds in Lawn


JULY, 2018

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Now is the time to keep an eye out for winter weeds in lawn. As your lawn’s growth slows over winter, it’s easier for weeds to creep in. It’s important to treat them as they appear so they don’t cause too much harm to your lawn.

winter weeds in lawn

The most common weeds during winter are Bindii, Wintergrass and Creeping Oxalis. You may also find Sedge weeds and Onionweed make themselves at home.

Treat any Broadleaf weeds, clover and Bindii with a selective herbicide such as Lawn Lovers Buffalo Weed Control. You may need to repeat the application if the weeds are particularly stubborn, which is typically the case with Clover.

You must treat Wintergrass early. As soon as it seeds, a herbicide won’t be effective, and it’ll be back with a vengeance next year. If you catch it early you can remove it by hand as it’s roots are quite shallow. Or, you can treat it with Wintergrass Killer. Be sure to check the label as some types will be harmful to different grass varieties.

Sedge weeds such as Nutgrass and Mullumbimby will need to be treated with a selective herbicide. Amgrow Sedgehammer does the job with only a small amount needed. As with Wintergrass, if left untreated, Sedge weeds will infest the entire lawn quite quickly.

Onionweed is a particularly difficult one. If you try to remove it by hand the bulbs break off and remain in the ground, multiplying the problem. Selective herbicide also doesn’t affect Onionweed so it’s best to spot weed. Mix glyphosate and water, adding a dash of dishwashing liquid to break down the waxy coating on Onionweed’s leaves. Paint it directly on the leaves as it will kill any vegetation it touches.

Prevention of weeds is always best. Using a pre-emergent before the weeds grow will stop their appearance altogether. However, it isn’t always possible. It is important to treat the weeds as you notice them and before they seed and spread. Remember to always check the weed killer is suitable for your lawn type and the dilation rate needed. Double dosing may just cause problems instead of helping. So, keep your eyes out for winter weeds in your lawn.

winter weed killer for lawns

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