A Little Pick-Me-Up for Your Lawn!


February, 2019

Lawn Care

After that heat wave that swept through Sydney, it’s likely that your lawn may need a bit of extra help coming out of Summer. By applying a good quality fertiliser, such as Sir Walter Fertiliser, you’ll get your lawn back into tip-top shape for Autumn.

Fertilise your lawn

Summer is a difficult time for lawns. They need more water, but there is less rain. They need more shade, but we have longer days. They grow quickly, so we mow them lower and they start to die off quickly.

No matter, we’ve got through it now. The best thing we can do is fertilise our lawn so it can recover quickly. Sir Walter fertiliser will help you say goodbye to the yellow or brown spots and the heat damage. It’ll improve your lawn’s colour and growth. And, this fertiliser isn’t just for Buffalo lawns. Sir Walter Fertiliser has the right balance of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus for all warm-season grasses to thrive.

Applying Fertiliser:

 1. You’ll want to choose a day that isn’t too hot, preferably one where it will rain soon after you fertilise.

2. Spread the fertiliser evenly over your lawn following the instructions on the packaging. For Sir Walter Fertiliser, you only need 25g per square metre of lawn.

3. Water the fertiliser in thoroughly. If you don’t, the fertiliser will burn your lawn. This will happen quicker on a hot day but if you choose a day when it will rain, you’ll be able to save water as long as you time it well.

Sir Walter Fertiliser

With a little bit of TLC and Sir Walter Fertiliser, your lawn will quickly recover from the brutal summer we’ve experienced.

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