Is Your Lawn Losing Its Green Colour?




Your lawn will change colour naturally throughout the year. As the seasons and climate change, so will your lawn. This change, however, is a slow process. If your lawn is losing its green colour rapidly or dramatically, this indicates stress which can be caused by a number of things.

Inadequate Water

Check the soil to make sure that it isn’t drying out from lack of water. If you find that it is, make sure you are watering deeply and in the morning before the day gets too hot.



Some herbicides can cause discolouration. Check the product label to see if it is a side effect of this particular herbicide. If you notice that the cause is the herbicide, but nothing is mentioned on the label, your lawn may simply be averse to the type of herbicide. Try another type and see if your lawn colour improves.

lawn losing green colour


With severe changes in the climate, your lawn will react. Something like an extremely hot day will shock your lawn, especially if the lawn’s root system is shallow. The best thing to do is increase watering during this time and improve the root system over the long run.



If fertiliser isn’t watered in properly, the nitrogen will burn your lawn and cause it to go yellow. The same thing happens with dog urine on your grass.

disease causing colour loss


Certain lawn disease will present symptoms that include discolouration. By looking at the pattern and colour you may be able to determine which disease it is.


Other factors

If it isn’t as severe as the above, your lawn may simply be missing necessary nutrients or have the wrong pH levels. Do a pH level test and apply fertiliser to fix any imbalance.

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