It’s Time for You to Fix Those Bare Patches in Your Lawn



Lawn Care

Spring is the best time to fix up any bare patches in your lawn. At such a nice time of year, your lawn will be able to quickly fill in patches or accept new turf. Either way, you will need to put in a bit of work to fix those hideous patches.

Compaction in your soil is the most likely culprit for causing the bare patches in your lawn. This means they are likely to appear on common paths through your yard. This may be to your pool, the clothesline or to the shed. If the soil is too compacted, air and nutrients won’t be able to get in and grass runners won’t be able to grow.

bare patches in your lawn

If the bare patch is smaller than an A4 sheet of paper, you can fix it without buying new turf.

  1. De-compact the soil with a chipping hoe or similar. This will reintroduce air and nutrients. Make sure at least 100mm in depth is de-compacted.
  2. Level the soil to match the ground around it. Adding a small layer of sandy top dressing can help with this and increase the softness of the soil.
  3. Fertilise every 8-9 weeks and water the area a couple of times a week to encourage thick growth.

This process takes a couple of months depending on the time of year. While it is still regrowing, try to avoid walking on the area.

The alternative is to lay new turf over the affected areas. This option is suitable for larger patches or for quicker results.


  1. Rake away any dead foliage in the bare area.
  2. De-compact the area as you would for the above method.
  3. Order the grass variety that matches your existing turf. If you need help identifying it, don’t be afraid to send us a picture and we can help.
  4. Cut the turf to the size you need and lay it over the patch.
  5. Water it in well and treat it as you would a new lawn. This includes not mowing the area until the roots have established.
patch up your lawn

Take advantage of this fine spring weather to fix up those bare patches and have a beautiful lawn for this summer.

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