Invest in Greenery


JULY, 2017

Turf News

When I think of a future Australia, I picture cities of glass and greenery; plenty of light and plenty of fresh air. And it seems that I’m not the only one. We all know that greener living greatly improves our quality of life, and now, people are even willing to pay for it. Figures show that a 10% increase in street canopy cover increases a property’s value, on average, by $50,000. Can you imagine what a turfed lawn could do? The numbers would skyrocket.

What’s more, HIA Housing has found NSW to have the most hotspots in new development. Areas such as Marsden Park and Rouse Hill are on the rise. If your house is old, new, or somewhere in between, a well-cared for lawn can boost your property to be able to compete with all the other houses in your area. No one likes to start the race in last place.

Peaceful Garden Space

“Without sufficient green infrastructure, Sydney would be hotter, more polluted and could be worth $50 billion less”

-AECOM Cities Leader, James Rosenwax.

Green- The colour of a happy home

But it’s not all about the numbers; you can’t put a price on the health and happiness of your family.

Give your home the lawn it deserves.

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