How El-Nino Will Affect Your Lawn



Lawn Care

With such a dry year already, the thought of El-Nino occurring this spring/summer seems exhausting. But, with a 50% chance, it’s better that we prepare ourselves now rather than feel the full impact later.

Every year, we have about a 25% chance of El-Nino occurring. This year, however, BOM has predicted a 50% chance. 4 out of 8 potential outcomes are predicting neutral weather. But, 3 out of 8 are predicting El-Nino to affect us between October and December and the final prediction is that Australia will be affected in early 2019.

We know El-Nino means a dry and hot summer, but it also increases heatwaves, the risk of bushfires, and stronger sea breezes.

“The ENSO Outlook has been raised to El Niño ALERT. This means the chance of El Niño forming in 2018 is around 70%; triple the normal likelihood.”


In terms of your lawn, you should do what you can now to increase its drought tolerance. Water deeply rather than frequently and in the early morning or afternoon to avoid evaporation. Apply a slow-release fertiliser now so that it will continue to provide much-needed nutrients to your lawn through summer.

Looking after your lawn at times like these is important. Grass has a natural cooling effect and may be where you choose to spend this sweltering summer.

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