Has Your Soil Stopped Absorbing Water?

JULY, 2018
Lawn Care

If your soil is no longer absorbing water, it’s likely it has become hydrophobic. Hydrophobic soils repel water which will lead to many problems in your lawn and garden.

absorbing water
You can check if your soil has developed hydrophobia by pouring water in a couple of places and watching to see whether it is absorbed quickly or not. If not, your soil is hydrophobic. It is a common problem in sandy soils but can affect soils that are compacted or haven’t received regular water.

Hydrophobia is caused by decomposition of organic matter which leaves a waxy coating on the soil particles. After dry weather or when your soil becomes dehydrated, the hydrophobic surface is exposed.

To treat hydrophobic soil, you can use a wetting agent. These act like detergent by attracting water to the soil’s surface and helping it to soak in. Wetting agents come in liquid or granular forms. Depending on the instructions, you may need to mix it in with lawn food or topdressing mixes. Aerating will also help to increase moisture and oxygen levels in the soil. For a new lawn, a starter fertiliser with moisture magnets will greatly help.

Regular watering will prevent hydrophobia but if it occurs, it’s best to treat it before it can cause great damage to your yard.

hydrophobic soil

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