Give Your Lawn A Helping Hand This Spring




Spring is an important time for your lawn. It is trying to get back into the swing of things after a long nap and prepare itself for the harsh summer to come. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help it along.

Clear away debris. Leaves, branches and other debris tend to collect on your lawn over winter. Rake these away so your lawn has no issue absorbing sunlight. You should also consider moving any stationary objects like trampolines or outdoor dining sets to let those parts of your lawn have a break.

Prepare your lawn mower. It’s about to be in for a bit of a workout and by giving it some attention now, it’ll run happily through summer. Consider changing the fuel, oil and spark plug and check whether your blades may need sharpening or replacing.

Test your soil. A pH test can tell you how well your lawn is going. By checking now, you can plan what work might need doing during the rest of spring.

Check for compacted soil. Use a long screwdriver and plunge it into your soil in a few places. If it easily goes 100-150mm deep, then your soil is fine. If not, aerating it will greatly improve the health of your soil. Improving airflow, nutrient contents in the soil will strengthen your grassroots.

By doing this at the beginning of spring, you can plan and prepare for any work you want or need to do to keep your lawn healthy this spring.

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