Getting Rid of a Nutgrass Problem


APRIL, 2018

Weed Control

Nutgrass is one tough weed and once it has established itself in your lawn it will need thorough treatment to control it. Nutgrass has multiple triangular stems with 3 green leaves at the top of each stem, abundant with seeds. Nutgrass and Mullumbimby Couch are similar looking weeds and require the same treatment.

Nutgrass spreads by the seeds that are swept up by the wind. But, it also sends out runners which sprout new bulbs throughout your lawn. Unfortunately, once it starts to spread it takes over quite quickly.


To get rid of Nutgrass you can hand pick it or treat it with strong weed killer.

Hand pulling will be a tough job as you have to be sure you get the entire plant including new bulbs and roots.

A strong powered weed killer such as Glyphosate will kill Nutgrass, but t will also kill any other plant it comes in contact with. Apply it carefully with a paintbrush and allow 2-3 weeks to see the effects. You may need to repaint any new shoots.

nutgrass weed killer

Nutgrass seeds through summer and autumn, so watch out that the breeze doesn’t drop it in your yard where it can make itself at home.

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