Fleabane: The Pain in Your Backside



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Fleabane is a particularly pesky weed. When I say pesky, I mean an absolute pain in your backside.

Other weeds are annoying, but you treat them and they go away. Fleabane, however, is resistant to herbicides and glyphosate.

Fleabane is part of the daisy family with two main varieties- Flaxleaf and Tall. Both types are upright, tap-rooted weeds with white flowers. Flaxleaf Fleabane has grey leaves and can grow up to 1m tall. Tall Fleabane, however, is light green and grows up to 2m tall.

The main issue with Fleabane in your lawn is the nutrients and water it takes from the soil. Nutrients and water that your grass requires to thrive. This weed germinates in spring but becomes a major problem during summer. Summer is already a difficult time for lawns, the last thing you want is a weed stealing water from your grass, especially when it’s a weed that is so hard to get rid of. Once Fleabane matures, it creates an afro of seeds that carried far and wide in the wind.

It is always best to get rid of a weed before it has a chance to spread. You can try a high-strength dosage of glyphosate. Paint it on and be sure to not let it touch any other plant life as it is such a strong poison. If this doesn’t work, you will need to consult a contractor.

Start this process as soon as you notice Fleabane in your yard. It’d be horrible for you to eradicate this weed, only for the seeds to have already spread and to germinate again the next year.

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