Fireweed: A Danger Hidden in Our Gardens



Weed Control

Fireweed is not only ugly but is also extremely poisonous to animals. They’re tough weeds that produce huge amounts of seeds in a season. In order to protect your lawn and your pets, eradicate this weed as soon as you notice it.

The Fireweed grows between 10 and 70cm tall. Typically, it has one stem but can have a few stems growing from a central crown. Fireweed has bright green leaves that are narrow, elongated and hairless. Each stem has multiple flower heads that grow around Spring. The flowers look similar to a daisy and this weed can produce up to 30,000 seeds during Spring.

Seedlings start to appear in Autumn. They take hold during the cooler months of Winter before seeding in Spring. Most Fireweed plants die in the heat of summer but occasionally just the flower head dies back, leaving this weed to live for up to 3 years.

To get rid of a Fireweed problem, you can hand pull them as they sprout or flower but before they seed. Use gloves to protect your skin and make sure to throw it all away as it can still harm any animal that comes in contact with it. Alternatively, a herbicide could work before the weed flowers. NSW Agriculture recommends using a herbicide that contains Bromoxynil. Spot spray the Fireweed before it can cause any devastation.

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