Don’t Forget to Fertilise in Spring



Lawn Care

Fertilising in spring will help your lawn in a range of ways. As your lawn wakes up from its semi-hibernation in winter, it will be mighty hungry. By applying a spring fertiliser, you will help it bounce back to its healthy state and carry this through the tough trials of summer.

fertilise in spring

As the climate starts to warm up, so will your lawn. Help it adjust to this change by choosing a slow-release fertiliser. The label on the fertiliser will have 3 number which outlines the percentage of the 3 main ingredients. For spring, the ideal mix is a 20-5-10 combination. This will provide enough phosphate and potassium to improve the overall health and vigour of your lawn.

Apply the fertiliser to your lawn as the label instructs. Then, water it in immediately. Until you water, the fertiliser sits on the grass blades and you risk them getting burnt. Once the fertiliser dissolves into the soil, microorganisms break it down further into a form that the grassroots can absorb. Sunshine then converts these fertiliser compounds into energy which can be stored in the roots, rhizomes and the crown.

Providing your lawn with enough nutrients now will help it tackle the heat, diseases, drought and foot traffic that comes with summer. So, don’t forget to fertilise in spring. 

spring fertiliser

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