Dealing with Oxalis in Lawn


APRIL, 2018

Weed Control

The oxalis weed is a trifoliate leaf system. It has heart-shaped leaves, topped with yellow and white flowers. Oxalis spreads easily through its root system which makes it a nuisance. Even though it has different varieties, such as Soursob and Wood Sorrel, the overarching suggestion is to use herbicide to control them.

Due to the wide spreading root system of the Oxalis weed, it is best to use a herbicide to control it. The best one to use is a broadleaf herbicide, often marketed to use on Bindii. It is crucial that you check this type of herbicide is suitable for your lawn. Some of these herbicides will kill Buffalo and Kikuyu grasses as well.


You should make sure not to apply the herbicide one week before or after you mow. You should also not apply it to a wet lawn or when you are expecting rain within 3 days. Also, allow it 3 days to soak in before watering.

Mix the herbicide to the instructions on the label and spray it on the affected area.

Because Oxalis is a persistent weed, you may need to apply the herbicide multiple times. Leave 2 weeks between applications. If you have been through 3 applications and you still need to apply more, give your lawn a rest for 4-6 weeks before going again.

By keeping with the treatment, Oxalis should cease to be a problem. And remember to keep pets and kids away from the sprayed sites.

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