Carrot’s Pesky, Not-So-Tasty, Little Brother




We all enjoy our carrots, whether it’s sliced, steamed or roasted. What we don’t enjoy is the Wild Carrot Weed. While it’s edible while young, the Carrot Weed is regarded as an invasive weed.

You’d be able to identify a Carrot Weed by the disappointing moment you think you’ve grown a carrot, you pull it out, and there is no carrot there. The leaves look almost the same as a carrot-top but the Carrot Weed also grows yellow or white flowerheads on a long, slim stem.

Until it flowers in spring, Carrot Weed grows low to the ground. After flowering, Carrot Weed will seed and spread through the rest of your yard.

To avoid the disappointment of Carrot Weed and to keep your lawn looking great, there are a couple of things you can do. Carrot Weeds can be hand pulled if they are still a small issue. Hand removal is only effective before the weed seeds and you need to make sure you remove all of the roots.

Alternatively, you can treat the issue with a herbicide. Use an All-Purpose Weed Control for Carrot Weed. These will often be marketed for Bindii control but if it works on Bindii, it’ll work on Carrot Weed.

Don’t let the Carrot Weed ruin your day (and your lawn), take control of the infestation before it just spreads disappointment. 

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