How to Avoid Over Fertilising Lawn


MARCH, 2018

Lawn Care

Yes, over fertilising lawn is possible. In extreme cases, over fertilising can send a healthy lawn in decline. Following these guidelines, we can make sure overfertilising lawn doesn’t happen to you.

Overfertilising lawn

You should fertilise your lawn at least three times a year, usually seasonally. The most important time to fertilise is in autumn, preparing your lawn for winter.

The main cause of over fertilising lawn is too much nitrogen. When a dog urinates on a lawn, it exposes the lawn to a huge amount of nitrogen, causing the lawn to burn and turn brown.

Use a slow release or organic fertiliser. These are likely to burn your lawn.

Always check the dosage rates for your fertiliser. If you apply too much fertiliser, you are being wasteful, encouraging weak and fast growth and making the lawn attractive to pests.

over fertiliser lawn

Fertiliser enhances your lawn and provides it with necessary nutrients. By watering it in properly and applying it only as your lawn requires, you’ll avoid burning or over fertilising lawn.

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