Avoid Lawn Burn from Fertiliser This Summer



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Avoiding lawn burned caused by fertiliser gets a bit harder as summer comes around. Hot days mean that your lawn will burn faster if fertiliser isn’t applied properly. The answer is in watering the fertiliser in thoroughly.

Avoid fertiliser lawn burn

It simply wouldn’t do the trick to just avoid fertilising your lawn completely. It is an important source of nutrients that aren’t always available in the soil. Quite simply, the ingredients in fertiliser improve the health and beauty of your lawn.

However, if it isn’t applied properly, fertiliser carries risks. One of them being lawn burn. It is the nitrogen in fertiliser that can cause burning, turning leaves yellow, brown or black. This is the same nutrient in dog urine that causes discoloured spots in your lawn.

The key thing you can do to avoid lawn burn is to water the fertiliser in thoroughly and within a reasonable time frame. Keep in mind how hot it is. The hotter the day is, the sooner you need to water. Ideally, you would water soon after, if not straight away.

Another precaution you can take is to keep from fertilising on overly hot days altogether. You are better to just not risk it.

Fertiliser is an integral part of lawn care. And, with proper application, you will avoid lawn burn.

Happy lawn, happy summer

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