Enjoy peace of mind when you choose an AusGAP accredited provider


MARCH, 2019

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AusGAP, The Australian Turf Accreditation Program, provides you with the assurance that the turf you are buying won’t be riddled with weeds or arrive at your house dry and half dead. For a turf provider to be accredited, they must meet a series of strict standards. All of these ensure you’ll receive a high-quality product as well as service.

Buy Turf Online AusGAP

The AusGAP accreditation system oversees quality for the entire production, delivery, installation and even after care. The guidelines include:

  • Turf is free of weeds, disease and pest damage
  • Accurate turf knowledge and information is provided at point of sale
  • After sales care
  • Environmental impact
  • Work Health & Safety compliance
  • Delivery methods
  • Turf is genetically pure and true to type
  • Appropriately trained and licensed employees

It all seems pretty straight forward but it is incredibly important and often overlooked by non-AusGAP members.

So, when you are purchasing turf next, make sure your provider is AusGAP accredited. Buy Turf Online is a proud member of the AusGAP program, dedicated to providing you with the best service and turf in the industry.

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