Are You Using an LNA Member?




Formed in 1979, LNA Master Landscapers Association aims to raise public perception of the landscaping industry. Members of the LNA are professionals that excel in their field and are always looking to solve landscaping challenges.

Who is the LNA?

Today, the LNA Master Landscapers Association is a network of professionals that are working towards building outdoor living spaces for our communities that will also care for the environment. Members range from concept designers to installers and maintenance.

The Association helped to develop the first nationally recognised landscape specific trade and diploma course. They continue to work with the government to help further career paths for young industry professionals.

LNA Members

Why choose an LNA Member?

To become a member, a professional must demonstrate their products and services are up to scratch and that they are eager to improve their industry by advancing their work practices and incorporating new technology.

By choosing an LNA Member, you can be sure you’re getting a professional that will give you their all, no matter the challenge, rather than just doing the bare minimum.

Since 1979 LNA Members have constructed and regenerated many well-known sites across Greater Sydney and earned the respect of the construction industry and government bodies.

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