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Weed Control

When it comes to dealing with weeds in your lawn, using the wrong weed killer just isn’t going to cut it. Before using that weed killer that has been sitting in the shed for years, or the first one your hands come across in the shop, you need to identify what the invading weed is. Once you have figured out what type of weed you are dealing with, you’ll have an idea of what sort of weed killer will be effective.

You also need to be careful not to spray anything that will be eaten by you or your pets.

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Types of Weed Killers

Choosing from a selection of weed killers can be daunting, especially when you don’t know what each type is or how they work.


This type targets weeds before they germinate. It forms a barrier at soil level which prevents the growth of new seedlings. Pre-emergent generally lasts 3 months and won’t stunt the growth of your lawn unless it is still establishing.

Best for: Annual grassy weeds


Selective weed killer will affect certain types of weeds depending on the ingredients. Typically, these will not affect your lawn which means they can be sprayed onto the weeds. However, you should always read the label as some varieties will affect Buffalo grass varieties.

Best for: Broadleaf weeds



These weed killers will destroy pretty much any plant life that it comes in contact with. The benefit, however, is that it’s much stronger than other types of weed killer. The downside is that you will need to paint it directly onto the weed, so you don’t harm your lawn or other plants. A weed wand is typically the gardener’s choice in applying non-selective herbicide.

Best for: Perennial grassy weeds

Although weed killers are effective, prevention is always the best weed control. Keep your lawn healthy and it will generally outcompete weeds. Then, you can hand pull any that do pop up.

Weed Killer

Quick Tip:

For an easy way to apply non-selective weed killer, you can wear a rubber glove with a cotton glove on top. Dip your hand into the weed killer and it will soak into the cotton while the rubber will protect your skin. Now, you can easily coat the weeds with you hand.

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