The Natural Cooling Effect of Grass


MARCH, 2018

Lawn care
Environmental Benefits

The cooling effect of grass can make an enormous difference through our summers. And that’s just one of its environmental benefits. By cooling down the atmosphere around us, a turfed lawn can make our backyards a pleasant place to be.

Cooling effect of grass

On a hot day, the cooling effect of grass makes an especially big difference compared to other surfaces. During our summer heat, grass can be up to 30 degrees cooler than asphalt or concrete, 20 degrees cooler than artificial grass and 14 degrees cooler than plain soil.

But it doesn’t stop there. The average front lawn has double the cooling capacity of air conditioning. And, it doesn’t take a toll on your electricity bill. The cooling effect of grass is also greater than that of trees. And is on par with open bodies of water but loses 40% less water through evaporation.

All of this is just one reason turf is great for the environment and for you. A healthy lawn also absorbs airborne pollutants and acts as a barrier between harmful substances and our waterways. Just 200 square metres of lawn easily supply enough oxygen for a family of four.

With the heat of summer fresh in our minds, a turfed lawn has never sounded like a better option for your backyard.


Natural cooling effect of grass

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