Summergrass Weeds: A Problem for Your Summer Garden



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Yes, it may be summer and yes, this is technically a grass, but for your summer garden, Summergrass is most certainly a weed. In fact, it is a common, fast-growing weed that typically reappears annually, around summer.

Summergrass weed

Summergrass weeds are most likely to infest your lawn when it is weak. If your lawn is thin and open, the mowing height is incorrect, or watering is light and frequent, Summergrass has a better chance of competing with your lawn.

It appears in amongst your lawn with green-yellow leaves that sprout from a central point. The grass sheaths are either light purple or white and the leaves are soft and hairy. This is the main distinction between Summergrass weeds and Crowsfoot. Summergrass also has stolons (above ground runners).

Summergrass is a prolific seeder but also spreads through its stolons. The best course of action is to remove it as soon as you notice it. As it is a variety of grass, mowing will only stop the production of seed heads. You will need to remove it by hand at the roots. The other choice is, of course, herbicides but read the label to see how they will affect your lawn.

Summer is a great time for your lawn to thrive. By keeping your lawn healthy, you should avoid the problem of Summergrass and other weeds altogether.

Summergrass weed
Summer garden

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