To Weed or not to Weed- That is the Question of the Clover


JULY, 2017


Weed Control

Although Clovers will always have a special place in the heart of your inner child, that doesn’t mean they need to move in on your lawn.



Clovers are small weeds with three heart-shaped leaves that spread out from their thin stems. Rumour has it that an occasional fourth leaf will grow, but that’s only if you’re lucky. When flowering, white ball-shaped flowers sprout amongst the leaves.

As well as being hours of amusement for children, Clovers are also added to lawns in some parts of Australia to help assist with drought. But, if you have a drought tolerant grass, such as DNA Certified Sir Walter turf, Clovers simply aren’t necessary. Clover flowers are also a favourite for bees, which may cause a nasty sting in your children’s fun. They’re also a sign of low nitrogen levels in your soil.

When it comes to weeding the Clover, it’s easiest to do it before they are fully established. While they are small and young, it is much easier to pull them out by hand, if that’s what you choose to do. Hand picking them is relatively easy but you need to ensure that you have pulled out the root along with the plant. Using a weeding trowel, or similar, to prize the roots out can help with this.

The other option is to use a selective herbicide that won’t harm your lawn. Amgrow Buffalo Lawn Weeder and Lawn Lovers Buffalo Weed Control are both suitable for targeting Clovers on Buffalo leaf lawns like DNA Certified Sir Walter.

If you do decide to keep the Clovers in your yard, try not to mow too low. Your lawn will struggle to compete with the Clovers.

You should also consider doing a soil pH test and adjust the nutrient levels as needed. Clovers are a sign of poor nitrogen levels, improving these will reduce the likelihood of them returning.

Whatever you choose, to weed or not to weed, make sure you keep your lawn happy and healthy.

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