Each year, the Water Conservation Committee recognises a product that can reduce water usage. This year, it was Dr Brian Schwartz who has received the 2021 Leadership and Water Conservation award for his development of the water-savvy TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda grass.  

TifTuf Bermuda turfgrass is the first of its kind, reducing water use by 38% over other popular turfgrass varieties. This makes it a particularly good choice for both Australian and American homes and businesses.  

Developed by Dr Brian Schwartz at the University of Georgia, TifTuf Bermuda grass doesn’t just require a low water consumption, it also has superior qualities such as: 

  • Excellent sun & drought tolerance 
  • High wear & tear resistance 
  • Low maintenance requirement 
  • Good winter colour & shade tolerance 
  • Rich green colour & dense growth 

Water conservation is becoming increasingly more important with Earth’s growing population rates as well as global warming. While 71% of the Earth is covered in water, only 0.5% of the water on Earth is available drinking water.  

Doing what we can as individuals to conserve water is important as: 

  • It minimises the effects of drought and water shortages 
  • It guards against rising costs and political conflict due to shortages 
  • It helps to conserve our environment 
  • It safeguards water for the future  
  • It builds safe and beautiful communities 

As Australians, we aren’t unfamiliar with water conservation. Water restrictions during summer and droughts is something that we all grew up with. By using drought-resistant and waterconserving lawn varieties, we’re able to enjoy the best of both worlds; maintaining a lush green lawn while following sustainable water practices. 

Congratulations to Dr Brian Schwartz for pioneering TifTuf across the USA and the Australian turf markets. Buy Turf Online, in partnership with Lawn Solutions Australia, are excited about the commercial relationship we have with the University of Georgia and Dr Brian Schwartz and his team of leading turfgrass researchers. 

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