The Secret to a Greener Lawn


MAY, 2019

Lawn Care

It isn’t always possible to keep your lawn the beautiful green colour we all love. Lawns will often start to brown during the summer heat or go slightly purple while hibernating in winter. Although it might not matter all the time, there are occasions that it’s best to have a greener lawn. If you are selling your house, a green lawn will add to the property value. Or, you may want a green lawn for when your family comes to visit over Christmas.

For these times, we have a poorly kept secret: ColourGuard.

Colour Guard Buy Turf Online

Other than being fast and easy to apply, ColourGuard has many benefits:

  • Instantly restores the natural green colour of your grass – no matter the time of year
  • UV fade resistant
  • Once absorbed, it won’t bleed, run or stain
  • Organic with no harmful chemicals
  • Reduces the need for water and fertiliser

Applying ColourGuard:

  1. Attach your hose to the ready-to-use 2L bottle or mix the concentrate bottle in a pressure sprayer as per instructions.
  2. Work from one side of your yard to the other, spraying evenly across your lawn. Stand on any hard surfaces, such as a driveway or path, and spray away from them.
  3. Leave your lawn to dry for 2 hours after application. You may need to leave it longer if it isn’t a sunny day.
Secret to a greener lawn

As ColourGuard is a permanent colourant, it will last until the colour grows out. Depending on how quickly your lawn grows, this could mean it lasts a couple of months. However, this is more than enough time for your real estate agent to take photographs or for you to enjoy green grass with your summer BBQs.

Happy Lawn, happy life

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