Sir Walter Turf Prices Sydney

Pricing Guide for Sir Walter Turf in Sydney

There are a lot different places to buy Sir Walter turf in Sydney but not all are created equal.

You might be tempted to buy cheaper varieties but you’ll be surprised just how competitive we are on our premium quality Sir Walter turf in Sydney.

How Much Does Sir Walter Cost?

It’s not the cheapest grass we produce but you’re getting a superior turf that will provide an exceptional investment and years of enjoyment.

One of the reasons Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) costs a little extra is it takes around 12 months to grow to it to the harvest-ready stage.

All that time we’re nurturing your Sir Walter Buffalo turf, feeding it and ensuring it’s strong, healthy, disease and weed free.

As a comparison, a cheaper grass such as Kikuyu can be ready for harvesting within 6 months so it costs less to produce.

What About Delivery Fees?

We deliver to all areas of the Sydney region including:

  • Windsor
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Parramatta & Ryde
  • Sutherland Shire
  • Southern Highlands
  • The Hills Shire
  • Blacktown
  • Campbelltown
  • Penrith
  • Northern Beaches
  • North Shore
  • Nepean & Blue Mountains
  • Illawarra
Why Sir Walter Turf for my Sydney Property

Why Use Sir Walter for My Sydney Property?

Increase your Sydney property value by as much as $84,000 overnight..

According to real estate agent surveys, a beautiful green lawn could add 20 percent in value to your home instantly.

Just take a walk through some of Sydney’s greenest suburbs such as Pymble, Peakhurst Heights, or Balmain and feel the cool vibes.

Be inspired by the expansive Queens Park or the Western Sydney Parklands.  You’ll quickly feel how green lawn adds a level of luxurious appearance and comfort that is truly magical and uplifting.

Having a green lawn is not just about making your home really attractive but it’s also good for the environment.

That’s right, healthy lawns can help reduce ambient temperatures around your home, which means your cooling bills will be lower in summer.

But it’s important to choose the right turf for your situation. Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) is the ideal turf for most Sydney locations from the Northern Beaches to the Blue Mountains.

Sir Walter Buffalo is Australia’s most popular turf

Why is Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) Australia’s Most Popular Turf?

There are some major reasons why Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) is Australia’s number one turf choice. 

Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) delivers exceptional performance in all conditions including:

  • Extreme sun & drought exposure
  • High activity and foot traffic
  • Cold & shady conditions

Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) boasts a beautiful vivid green colour even through winter & produces dense growth that keeps the weeds at bay.

Not only does Sir Walter Buffalo thrive in full sun but it’s really happy in shade too as it only needs around 3 hours of good sunlight per day. 

And you’ll really appreciate the low maintenance requirements when it comes to Spring and Summer.

Are you buying genuine Sir Walter Buffalo

Are You Buying Genuine Sir Walter Buffalo?

It’s really important to buy only genuine Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) turf.

Some people sell cheaper Sir Walter Buffalo varieties and they don’t perform as well.

Inferior varieties of Sir Walter may struggle in extreme conditions, won’t retain good colour in winter and will not be pest or weed resistant.

Our Sir Walter Buffalo is DNA certified. It is the result of decades of intensive research and breeding from carefully selected strains.

The pure genetic variety we use for our turf ensures that the grass is highly pest resistant and that it grows quickly and puts down a deep and healthy root system.

This is why Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) performs so well in drought conditions, recovers quickly from damage, and retains its beautiful green colour all year long.

Lawn Solutions Australia carries out regular DNA testing to ensure every batch of Sir Walter Buffalo retains its pure genetic makeup and superior qualities.

And we provide a certificate of authenticity and a 10-year warranty too for your peace of mind.

That way you’ll know that your turf has been grown using only pure Sir Walter Buffalo grass and that it is 100% disease and weed free.

And your family will also love Sir Walter Buffalo’s non-allergenic qualities; no more runny noses and itchy eyes.

Buy our premium quality Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) and enjoy all the benefits beautiful turf can bring to your life.

And don’t forget our 10-year AUSGAP warranty; it’s all about making life even better.



Last updated June 2022

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