Grass Going to Seed? Here’s Why.



Lawn Care

Is your grass going to seed? Warm season grasses such as Sir Walter Buffalo grass go to seed when they are under stress. They develop seeds along either side and at the top of the grass blade that doesn’t look as charming as the lawns we grow and love. There isn’t a problem with a seeding lawn, except that it doesn’t look good and there may be underlying issues as to why.

Mow to prevent your grass going to seed

Grass going to seed may be in response to a sudden change, such as hot weather or rain. If your lawn is seeding during these changes there is nothing to worry about.
But if your lawn is seeding when there hasn’t been unexpected change, or it continues to seed after these changes then the problem may be in the maintenance or your lawn or in the soil.

Water regularly to prevent your grass going to seed

Typically, your lawn will either be lacking water requirements or nutrient requirements if the problem doesn’t lie in change.
To help combat these issues, try giving your lawn a long, deep watering. This will ensure that your lawn is able to soak up as much water without it evaporating too quickly.
To fix nutrient issues in the soil, you should try fertilising or topdressing so that nutrients are restored.

fertilise to prevent your grass going to seed

To prevent your grass going to seed, remember to water regularly and as required, mow regularly and fertilise at least four times a year.
Once you have remedied the issue, your grass will be restored to a greener, more lush self.

Prevent your grass going to seed

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