A Parenting Guide for New Lawn-Parents


JULY, 2017

Lawn Care

If you have just finished laying your new lawn, this may be one of the proudest days of your life, but also the scariest. Don’t fret, Buy Turf Online is here to help you transition into the comfortable state of lawn parenthood. Although each type of lawn is slightly different in its characteristics, they all have the same basic needs. An establishing lawn needs three things; watering, mowing and fertilising.

Showering the lawn with fresh water


The most important thing you can do for your lawn is to make sure it doesn’t dry out. While it’s roots are still establishing, your turf won’t be able to draw as much water from the soil and will need more watering.

For the first two weeks, water twice a day. It is best to do this in the morning and afternoon for about twenty-five minutes. During hot weather, this will need to be about three to four times a day.

After these initial two weeks, water once every two days and then less after your first mow, about once or twice a week.


Your first mow will typically be about four to six weeks after installation. You’ll need to make sure you can’t easily lift the turf, which means that the roots have started to establish and you won’t damage your turf when you mow it. For this initial mow, you will need to set your mowing height to be taller than usual.


It’s very important that you fertilise a new lawn. You’ll want to do this about six weeks after installation, or after your first two to three mows. Remember to always water the fertiliser in thoroughly. If you don’t, you will scorch the leaf blades of your lawn.

Freshly Cut Lawn

These first few weeks are crucial in establishing the roots of your new lawn as it takes its first steps to being an important and loved part of the household.

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